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Tu Hoang is a part-time Ruby/Rails guy and full-time Bún Riêu maniac.
I'm into the making of things, film photography and The Fountainhead.

Charity Map
2012 — now
Charity Map is the first crowdfunding platform for charitable activities in Viet Nam. Our aim is to engage more and more entities in philanthropy so at the back of the platform, we craft an API to get ecommerces and businesses involved as well.
May 2013
A 24-hour hackathon project that aims at assisting strangers in a city with their flathunting mission.
Adopt A Hydrant
June 2013
In the midst of winter snowstorms, buried hydrants cause dangerous delays in responding to fire emergencies. Adopt-a-Hydrant lets governments turn to the community for helps.
May 2013
Blogger's New Post page is annoying so I fixed it. Note: This is my first Chrome extension, so please check it out and let me know what you think.
December 2012
A portal for fostering discussions on new ideas. This weekend project spurred out of the moment I needed an idea for... a weekend project.
June 2013
Pretty-prints JSON-based API to PDF.
September 2012
DiaDiemAnUong food vendors, all in a map. Read on if you're curious how I made this over a weekend.
You Fill In Here
Now — onward
Have an interesting idea that we can (and should!) work together on? I'm all ears.